Pumps for barrels and tubes

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High quality pumps for barrels and tubes

The company Albis offers high quality pumps for barrels and tubes produced by the New Zealand brand Ezi-action®. The pumps Ezi-action® are one of the best hand pumps in the world. They are the most reliable equipment for pumping fluids from tubes, barrels and IBC containers. They are designed with careful attention so that they are 100% safe for the user. This is how they make the workspace one absolutely safe and effective setting. Furthermore, they are pretty intuitive for use – all you need is to use your fingers on the ergonomic spherical handle and the pumping will begin. They pump viscous liquids up to 8800 cps, including oils, lubricants, humidifiers, and liquid foods: water, milk, olive oils, acetic acids, sauces, food colors, honey and molasses. All Ezi-action® are 100% safe for use when it comes to food.

Benefits of Ezi-action® pumps:
✓ Made of FDA approved, high quality polypropylene and LDPE plastic
✓ Resistant to acids, bases and chlorine-based chemicals
✓ Revolutionary, patented principle of double-acting pumping
✓ No critical wear parts
✓ Fast, continuous flow – large volume, low pressure
✓ Reaches the base of the barrel, container, or tube and empties all contents
✓ With rotating spout, no leakage
✓ Color coding
✓ 24 months warranty from the manufacturer

Our company also offers products such as measuring vessels for liquid and dry substances. The Ezi-action® liquid measuring bottle is designed to perfectly fit the dosing pump, which guarantees the safe spilling of the chemicals. With a label for clear identification of the contents and prevention of chemical mixtures. The measuring bottle for dry substances Ezi-action® is designed to safely measure powder and granular material. It can be regulated within the calibrated graduation marks, varying from 200 ml to 500ml or from half a cup to two and a half cups. Our team can help you choose the most suitable pumps for your needs. You can rely on us for quick and regular deliveries!

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