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The company Albis is an official representative for the Polish brand PROHACCP, which produces high-quality metal detectable products. The areas where these products are regularly used are mostly the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and more.

One of the risks when it comes to food safety, according to HACCP is the risk of the physical pollution of the product with foreign objects. In order to eliminate the possibility that such problems occur many businesses invest in metal detectable equipment which is extremely useful for detecting possible pollution from metals. Many of the products that we offer can be detected by x-ray as well, meaning that you can be sure that your product will not be polluted by objects with high density as well. That being said in many production areas, there are many products that cannot be detected by metal detectors or x-rays. In order to deal with this problem, there are detectable analogs of the products used in production facilities. They are detectable due to the use of a specialised metal detectable plastic or by incorporation of aluminum or metal particles in the products.

Our product range includes:

✓ Detectable with metal detector and X-ray stationery: pens with clips, pens without clips, metal pens, thin pens, permanent markers, ultraviolet marker, food ink marker, rulers, stainless steel rulers, tracking plates, link to for glasses, ID card, ID card holder, paper clips, clipboards and more.
✓ Detectable blue patches: various sizes of blue patches, elastic blue patches, blue “butterfly” patches, blue textile patches, blue textile thimbles, first aid kit, first aid kit, first-aid instruction and more.
✓ Detective personal protective equipment: earplugs, bonnets, hair nets, beard masks, beard nets, cuffs, socks, nitrile gloves, reusable gloves, disposable aprons, visitor coats and more.
✓ Detectable professional knives and safety knives: knives with openable handle for slicing, boning and stabbing. Large range of detectable safety knives, different types and sizes.
✓ Detectable cable ties and pliers: a variety of types and sizes of cable ties and pliers.
✓ Discoverable storage, handling and mixing equipment: a variety of types and sizes of cassettes, shovels, scrapers, spatulas, jugs, buckets and shovels.
✓ Detectable mirrors and technical devices – rubber sheets and cylinders of technical plastic.
✓ Brushes with detectable bristles.
✓ Testers for metal detectors and X-rays.

The company Albis is a reliable partner for both new and well-established businesses that would like to expand their business and build a successful brand. Contact us and we’re going to help you make the best choice for your needs. Once you are familiar with our products and choose the most suitable ones for the purpose of your business you can expect quick and reliable deliveries.

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