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Do you need a trusted partner? Our team has immense experience in working with a wide variety of businesses in different niches. We know what’s best for you!

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The products that we offer are of the highest quality on the market and are used for planning different kinds of hygiene solutions.

Who are we

Albis is founded in the early 2002 and until 2020 was an official representative for the brand Clagonit Industrial. From 2020 ahead the company is a representative of the Claprof trademark. The activity of Albis is the distribution of professional cleaning and disinfecting detergents for the EU. Our company offers more than just detergents – we can help you with the following hygienic equipment and consumables as well:
  • Foaming devices – цcentral systems and mobile devices
  • Fumigation devices; mixing devices for accurate dosing of preparations
  • Knives, choppers, tables, saws, water guns, hoses and more
  • Dispensers for paper, for soaps and for disinfectants
  • Paper consumables
  • Professional hygiene products (handles, brushes, racks, brooms and more)
  • Disposable and reusable personal protective equipment
  • Metal detectable consumable and more
Our priorities:
  • Delivery of high-quality cleaning and disinfecting detergents
  • Quick and regular deliveries to any client
  • Professional personalised partnership with our clients
  • Consultations with the client and assistance with choosing the most suitable products for their concept
  • Flexibility in customer service
One of the most important factors in the production or processing of food products is hygiene. It is well known that good hygiene leads to two main things: high quality of the product and minimal health risks for the clients. This is why Albis offers consultations for each client with experienced specialists that closely work with the experts in your field to come up with an individual hygienic plan, which implements all great practices for your own purpose.
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